Larry’s Ready For His Close Up – Quaker Oats


Five pounds, a little bit off the sides and a new background were all that was needed to update Larry, or as the rest of America knows him The Quaker Oats Man!

Why the new look? It’s part of  “a wider effort by owner PepsiCo Inc. to reinvigorate the brand globally. It hopes to keep the 134-year-old brand “fresh and innovative,” says Justin Lambeth, Quaker’s chief marketing officer.”

Does your brand need a makeover? This where having an expert is a good thing. If your brand has a long heritage associated with it, you may want the changes to be small yet noticeable. If you’re a new brand and grabbed a logo to get started, maybe it’s time to rethink what your pharmacy is about. Does it really need to be represented by a mortar and pestle? Really?

To read more about Larry’s transformation, CLICK HERE.

For more on brand, be sure to check out Amp Up Your Brand by Skot Tulk in the October/November/December issue of Pharmacy Marketing Quarterly.

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