If you’ve ever heard Scot speak about social media, you’ve no doubt heard him say that he plans out his social media one day a month for the entire month. And from there he adds relevant and timely posts so it doesn’t appear canned or stale. We’ll you know you’re on to something when a company like Hubspot offers a free template to plan your social media.

For more on social media and how to use it in your business, check out the latest issue of Pharmacy Marketing Quarterly. Page 18 Using Social Media Before, During and After an Event by Thom Singer and Page 24 Using Social Media to “Super Charge” Your Events by Alisa Meredith.

To get Hubspot’s free template, CLICK HERE.


July is “Celebrate Independents Month”. To help you celebrate in style, we created an 11 x 14″ poster for you to download and have it printed at your local print shop to post in your store!

The poster only costs $1.00 and .25¢ from the sale of each poster will be donated to the American College of Apothecaries. To learn more about the American College of Apothecaries visit ACAInfo.org.

Check out the poster printed and hanging in The Medicine Shoppe Compounding Pharmacy & Wellness Store in Springfield Illinois!
Poster reads:
declare freedom
choose independent
July is Celebrate Independents Month
Nearly 40% of all pharmacies in the US are independent
For every $100 in customer spending at a national chain, the total local economic impact is only $13. The same amount spent with a local merchant yields $45, more than three times the local economic impact.
Local businesses reinvest 60% more than chains in the local economy.

thank you for your business

To download your poster, please click Celebrate Independents Month Poster to download your poster!

And thank you for your business. Feel free to send us a picture of the poster in your store to share online.

Scot made it to Washington D.C.! Stay tuned for updates and marketing tips throughout the conference! Can’t attend Compounders on Capitol Hill in person? No worries! This year, IACP is using technology to put you right there in those marbled hallways and on the Capitol steps… at least virtually. Our unique Action Alert system lets you send a personalized, IACP prepared request for support directly from your home or pharmacy straight to the offices of both your Representative and your Senator.

Watch your in-box on Sunday, June 24, 2012 for information and links on how to send a message to Capitol Hill. It takes just a few minutes and can literally quadruple the number of compounding pharmacist voices ringing through the halls of Congress!


Scot here – the final stretch! I have to admit that this was the hardest day of driving so forgive me for not having my usual pep. But the information is good! In fact, I’ve got a few more opportunities to review your marketing plan. Visit http://100startup.com/#resources and download the one page marketing plan. Fill it out and the first five people that send it to me at SMaitland@PMQuarterly.com will have it reviewed for free and get a 15 minute call to discuss. But hurry – it’s only for the first 5 people!