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I’ve been doing some spring cleaning in the office and came across my copy of The Martha Rules: 10 Essentials for Achieving Success as You Start, Build, or Manage a Business. It’s a fun quick read and I recommend it to anyone who’s in business. There’s a lot to learn from Martha. I was disappointed that her show The Apprentice: Martha Stewart didn’t take off because I think Martha’s got more to teach than The Donald.

image by Jessica SpenglerFor example . . . Pigeon Pie.

That’s right, pigeon pie. It’s a Moroccan dish and back in the day Martha made it for a dinner party for the late Paul Newman and his wife Joanne. Aparently it was a huge disaster. Well at least on Martha’s end. Rather than serve the pies in their entire form, crafty Ms. Stewart discarded the parts that weren’t up to par and platted the pie, garnished it and sent it out the door looking fab and tasting great.

Obviously this example doesn’t apply to compounding prescriptions, but as marketers we’re often in a situation where the project looks like it may have to be scrapped, or there’s something wrong with a project. Rather than tossing it all – see what can be salvaged, learn from it, fix it up and most of all – don’t let them see you sweat.


There’s been a lot of buzz over the last few days about Mark Zuckerberg and his hoodie. Investors saw his “trademark casual outerwear” as a sign that he’s too immature to be in charge. There’s no doubt that what you wear is an important part of the process when it comes to meeting a new patient, customer, prescriber or anyone for that matter. What do you wear when you’re at work? And more importantly, how does what you wear factor in to your companies brand?

In the book 90 Days to Success in Consulting, Mr. McKnight recommends “You should dress one level up from the level at the client sites you are dealing with.” Depending on what area of the pharmacy you work in and what area of the country you’re in, this could be good advice. Some marketers have found that dressing up too much leads others to think “drug rep.” Other marketers find that scrubs help sent the tone as someone in healthcare.

We want to know what you wear to work – take a moment to answer our poll on your Facebook page.


National Nurses Week is celebrated annually from May 6, also known as National Nurses Day, through May 12, the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing. Take this opportunity to give a sincere thank you to the nurses you work with. Over the years nursing, much like pharmacy, has gone through a transition of being seen as an axillary healthcare provider to being recognized in its own right as an integral part of the healthcare team.

To learn more about Florence Nightingale, CLICK HERE.


May is Women’s Health Month and Mother’s Day! Draw awareness by thanking mom – your first pharmacist!

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This past weekend at the PCCA Marketing & Sales Symposium, speaker and pharmacy owner, Peter Koshland espoused the benefits of generating buzz through the use of e-newsletters. Does your pharmacy have one? How often do you send one out? Do you have a catchy title to grab your reader’s attention? What if we told you that we have the secrets to success? What if we told you that it was free!

Enter Hubspot! Their free report will walk you through the importance of pulling email into close alignment with your inbound marketing strategy. Wait my inbound what? Let’s start with a definition: “Inbound marketing is based on the concept of earning the attention of prospects, making yourself easy to be found and drawing customers to your website by producing content customers value.”

The folks at Hubspot are geniuses at this concept. It all goes back to that aspect of being an expert and then encouraging your patients, prescribers, potential customers to take action. You can have the most beautiful web site but who cares if it doesn’t spur action. Maybe you post non-stop on Facebook and Twitter – but are you engaging in a dialogue or monologue? And perhaps your slaving away each week at your e-newsletter – but are seeing the results you want?

No tricks here folks, just an honest to goodness free report from the folks at Hubspot. We just downloaded our copy and look forward to incorporating it into our next e-newsletter! CLICK HERE to get your copy.