Michelle Sherman is no ordinary pharmacist. Originally from South Africa, she left with three thousand dollars and two suitcases and headed to the United States, to California, to make her dream come true. Check out Michelle’s story in Catching up with Michelle Sherman by Kathryn Gonzales in the latest issue of Pharmacy Marketing Quarterly. PMQuarterly.com/Magazine

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I Love Independent Pharmacy Ben Smith

I love independent pharmacy because it’s given me the life that I always wanted. My achievement’s are the product of an old-fashioned recipe of hard work, long hours, ongoing continuing education, generously giving back to the communities my pharmacies serve, being as accessible as possible to patients, cultivating strong personal relationships with local physicians, and a perfectionist streak that allows no room for error.

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Hey everybody it’s Scot Maitland the Publisher of Pharmacy Marketing Quarterly and the Co-Founder of HopperCreates.com coming to you from our Austin office. And I’m really excited to talk to you about a brand new marketing track that’s part of IACP’s Compounders on Capitol Hill. On June 2nd and 3rd, I’ll be joined by my friends Amanda Addington, Lauren Onsa & Hilary Metheny to talk about some really important parts to market your independent pharmacy. Together the four of us are going to help you take your marketing to the next level. So whether you’re a seasoned compounder or a new kid on the block, you’re going to learn quite a bit. In fact, some of the things we’re going to be teaching you is how to understand the compounding marketing, identify new leads, preparing for a sales call and developing relationships. So register today, space is limited, you can do that by visiting www.IACPRx.org/CCH again that’s IACPRx.org/CCH. And keep reading Pharmacy Marketing Quarterly! Thanks and we’ll see you in June!