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It appears that Paula Deen’s empire is crumbling like a baked good without the proper amount of butter to hold it together. In addition to Sears, Kmart and JC Penney discontinuing her line of cookware, Novo Nordisk has suspend its relationship with Deen in the wake of her admission that she used racist language in the past.

Deen had received $6 million over two years for her contract with the Danish pharmaceutical company. For more on this story, check out the article in the New York Times. Click HERE.

Is your pharmacy on Facebook? Cover page images are now incorporated when users like your page. So what’s that mean for your pharmacy? Simple, you need a cover photo and one that’s interesting to view! So how does it work? Well when someone likes your page, it will automatically be added on a panel in their activity area at the left had side of their timeline, and it gets better because the like stories appear with cover photo image of the page they liked along with a like button. By having an interesting cover photo you’ll improve engagement and visibility for your page as it is more likely to catch user’s attention and can give users a better impression of your brand at a glance.


We’ve created one for your pharmacy to for Celebrate Independents Month. You can download it by clicking HERE and then right click on your mouse to save to your desktop. Visit your Facebook business page and click “Change Cover” and then “Upload Photo”.

Or if you’d like something customized we can add your pharmacy’s logo to the one we’ve created for just $10.00. Click HERE to order your Facebook cover page image and stand out from the crowd. Once we receive your order we’ll email you to get a copy of your logo.

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With endless over-the-counter treatment options, it can be difficult to settle on the best products for your ailments, but pharmacists are now offering to help you choose. TODAY contributor Dr. Roshini Raj talks about U.S. News and World Report’s list of top pharmacist-recommended products.

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Hey good morning everybody, it’s Scot Maitland with Hopper Creates and Pharmacy Marketing Quarterly and I am here at the first day of Compounders on Capital Hill reporting live. Very excited to be here this morning and it’s actually kind of a chill morning mostly housekeeping stuff going on for IACP. But tonight is when the fun happens and have the kick-off for CCH which is sponsored by Letco Medical, and then tomorrow is when the presentations start. Be sure and stop by the Pharmacy Marketing Quarterly Booth, you can pick up the latest issue and we also want to know what your feedback is. How can we make the magazine better, what did of things do you love in the magazine and what would you like to see. Because it’s your magazine. We made it for you! So have a great time at CCH. If you’re using Twitter, please us the #CCH2013 so we can connect with you and have a great day! Thanks a lot!

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