Pharmacy-Marketing-Quarterly-ShadesBack in the 80′s there was a song titled “The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades.” It was an anthem for High School graduations everywhere. Which is kind of ironic since the song is actually about how the “bright future was in fact due to impending nuclear holocaust”. But we digress. The future is bright. Everyday more opportunities present themselves to independent pharmacy owners. There is no shortage of education out there.

Next week we’ll be leaving for sunny California to cover the Educational Conference hosted by IACP, ACA & ACVP and once we’re back we’ll be headed down to Orland for Pharmacy Development Services Growth Conference. We’ll do our best to share some highlights as well as interesting new products and services you might want to consider.

The future is also looking bright for Pharmacy Marketing Quarterly. We’re in the process of redeveloping our Web site so that it will become your one stop shop for all things related to Pharmacy Marketing. From classes you may want to take to a comprehensive calendar featuring events as well as marketing ideas and information for your independent pharmacy!

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January 2013 CoverThe January, February, March issue of Pharmacy Marketing Quarterly is now available to read online*.

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In this issue you’ll find helpful articles on how to save time, increase your knowledge base, choose a specialty and more!

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We’re also excited to bring you a new feature to our magazine where we ask 3 experts the same question. This issue features expertise from Liz Tiefenthaler, of Pharm Fresh Media, Dan Benamoz, of Pharmacy Development Services, and Todd Eury, of the Pharmacy Podcast.

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We’ve also added a new team member, Kathryn Gonzales has joined our team as the Editor of Pharmacy Marketing Quarterly. Feel free to reach out to her and say hello at

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photoYesterday afternoon the New York Times technology blog Bits reported “What Instragram’s New Terms of Service Mean for You”. This isn’t the first time Instragram has been in the news. In fact on December 5 Bits also reported “Twitter Loses Ability to Properly Display Instagram Photos” and it wasn’t long before Twitter launched it’s own photo filters.

So what are your options when it comes to getting a little artsy with your pictures? If your’e tweeting them from your smart phone, well then there’s no worries at all. Just apply a filter to them once you’ve taken the picture and upload away.

But what if you want more options? More lens? The feel of different styles of film? Something that’s going to make your work really pop? I’ve long been a fan of Hipstamatic. For a mere .99¢ you own the app but more importantly, you own your images. In the new proposed TOS of Instragram “You could star in an advertisement — without your knowledge.” Additionally, Hipstamatic offers a variety of packages you can purchase to add even more options to your photo taking experience that range from .99¢ to $1.99.

While it’s true that Hipstamatic has gone through a rocky patch, this might be just the right opportunity for them to rebuild their brand and give customers an option to enjoy taking pictures and sharing their art or end up as an unsuspecting model. We hope they’re listen and add more features and an app for Android phones too.

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We came across two interesting posts this morning. The first is from our friends on the other side of the pond Chemist+Druggist and an article they posted titled “Lose the snake oil”. Essentially the article argues that if pharmacists want to be viewed as healthcare professionals they need to selling selling placebo-based medicines. So we dug a little deeper and found another article titled “Dr. Oz and Green Coffee Beans – More Weight Loss Pseudoscience”.

It got us thinking – what are your thoughts on this subject? Does your pharmacy have signage like “Green coffee beans – as seen on Dr. Oz”? We want to hear your thoughts. To read more about these two articles, click here and here.


If you guessed men, you’d be right*. For pharmacies delving into cosmeceuticals, it seems like targeting women is a natural fit. But are you missing a big opportunity? Since 1997 there’s been an increase men seeking cosmetic procedures of 121%. And there’s an untapped market of younger men that haven’t started using products yet which presents a unique opportunity on this demographic that is at a higher risk of skin cancer and other skin conditions. But don’t just take our word for it. Back in 2010, Nivea For Men announced the launch of the brand’s new Revitalizing Q10 Eye Roller Gel.

Making products for men is more than changing the color scheme and logo of your current line. It’ll take some time to understand the needs of the consumer. But if you’re looking to take your line in a new direction, this might be right up your alley. For more information about the study, click HERE.

*According to The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons