If you own, or work at, a compounding pharmacy check this out! A recent article on the Insurance Business America website stated “paper concluded that while no clinical evidence has been provided to support the increased use of compound medication, physicians continue to prescribe the drugs to injured workers.”

The following states lead the way in compounding prescriptions:

California, Texas, New York, Florida, Alabama, Maryland, Colorado, Pennsylvania and Georgia

What are your thoughts about this?

How do you think this will affect your business?

Read the full article here.

Also stay tuned to the next issue of Pharmacy Marketing Quarterly. We interviewed David Miller, Executive Vice President, and Cynthia Blankenship, Vice-President of Government Affairs, from IACP about specifically about Compounders on Capitol Hill.

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Read the full article about compounding pharmacy and Insurance Business America here.

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About Compounders on Capitol Hill: CCH is the event for compounding pharmacy owners and staff to take the issues that important to them to “Washington D.C.’s doorstep.” This year is the 20th anniversary of CCH and includes the following for compounding pharmacy . . .

Hear from experts during in-depth Continuing Education sessions on legislative and regulatory issues at the state and federal level affecting pharmacy compounding.

A bigger and brighter exhibit hall puts attendees face-to-face with 40 leading companies, including our parent company Tacit Almonds, that serve compounding pharmacies.

Join us on the Hill! Be an advocate for compounding during in-person Capitol Hill meetings with your state representatives.

Socialize and support the IACP Foundation during compounding pharmacy’s biggest party of the year - 10th Annual Rx Mixer Presents The Roaring Twenties:  The Compounding Age on Sunday, May 18, 2014.

Network! Reconnect with old friends and meet new colleagues who share your passion and interest in protecting, promoting and advancing pharmacy compounding! And for more on networking check out our tips here!


No more Sisyphus for you! There I’ve said it! You may recall Sisyphus from Greek Mythology, if not let me refresh your memory. His task for eternity was being compelled to roll an immense boulder up a hill. Only to watch it roll back down again and then repeat the action for all of eternity.

Oh those silly Greeks. Or where they? How many times have you done the same thing over and over again? Maybe those Greeks were on to something. Sometimes we just react to things and then that behavior becomes a habit. And habits can be hard to break when you’re on a roll. Get it? Roll! ;)

But you don’t have to be a Sisyphus. In fact, I’m begging you not to be a Sisyphus. Why? Because it’s not going to help you grow your business. And that’s what you want, right? So how do you break these habits? Some things you don’t have control over. But what you do have control over is communication skills.

My friends over at the American College of Apothecaries have a live webinar coming up called Communication Skills in Selecting and Managing “Our Most Valuable Resource”.

If you’re feeling frustrated because you can’t seem to move your business in the direction you want, then you owe it to yourself to check out this webinar. Your employees are their to help you grow your business!

Below are some nifty graphics explaining the class. So don’t just take my word on it. Or better yet, pick up the phone and call the ACA today. Ask them about it! They actually have live human beings there to help you! They don’t want you to be a Sisyphus either. Their number is (901) 383-8119.

But don’t wait too long, I know you’re busy pushing that rock up the hill, but there’s a special today!

The ACA is offering a $10 discount on each individual session of the 4-part webinar series. Click here to learn more.

To the health of your pharmacy!


Week 1 of Communication Skills in Selecting and Managing “Our Most Valuable Resource” Week 2 of Communication Skills in Selecting and Managing “Our Most Valuable Resource”Week 3 of Communication Skills in Selecting and Managing “Our Most Valuable Resource”Week 4 of Communication Skills in Selecting and Managing “Our Most Valuable Resource”

The Pharmacy Marketing Podcast



Turn to page 8 and you’ll find out you don’t know jack, well Jack Korbutov that is. Lauren Onsa interviewed Jack for the fall issue of Pharmacy Marketing Quarterly. Check out the article in the magazine and keep reading to learn more about Jack’s marketer Drew Goldstein.

You Don’t Know Drew an Interview with Lauren Onsa

LO: How did you get into the field of Compound Pharmacy?

DG: I was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis in both of my feet right after I graduated college.  After trying a combination of treatments, I met Jack and he brought to my attention that he could make a cream that would help suppress the pain.  Sure enough, the cream has worked great and I have been using it ever since.  Fortunately for me, Jack was also looking for a marketer at the time.

LO:  What is it like working with Jack?

DG: Working with Jack for the past 7 months has been great.  Jack has helped educate myself with compounding practices and has helped me understand how compounding can help certain patient populations.  Jack has also attended the meetings I had set up to educate the doctors on how compounding can benefit their patients.

LO: What is your advice to a fellow marketer?

DG: My advice to a fellow marketer would be to stay focused and motivated.  Take one day at a time and try not to stress yourself out.  Rarely are you going to get a one hit success.  Frequent visits are what the doctors and nurses remember.

Happy Birthday Letco Medical

Letco Medical 20th anniversary Q/A

We sat down with our friends at Letco Medical to wish them a happy 20th birthday! Joshua Van Vooren, Vice President of Sales, answered a few questions for us about Letco Medical and what they offer you, their customer. For more about Letco Medical, visit them online at or on Facebook by clicking here.

PMQ: Who is the ideal Letco Medical customer?
JV: Letco Medical customers are established compounders that have a passion for compounding.  These are customers that are looking to expand their practice by partnering with a supplier as a long term business partner.   Letco Medical can help them expand their compounding business and enhance their ability to help provide affordable personalized custom medications for their patients.

PMQ: What services does Letco Medical offer?
JV: Letco Medical is a company designed to supply compounding pharmacies with an extensive line of high quality chemicals, supplies, equipment, capsules, and bases; along with personal customer service, technical support and the fastest delivery times in the industry.  Letco Medical is the essential supply line enabling compounders to improve the quality of life for patients in need of customized medications.

Letco’s services also include:

  • A dedicated Sales team that collaborates with compounding pharmacy owners, managers and staff to grow their business
  • An Operations team that ensures Quality Assurance processes deliver the best products available
    • Letco Medical utilizes independent analytical laboratories as well as validated in-house test methods for analysis of our chemical products. Letco has a defined process to approve suppliers, which includes Standard Operating Procedures for Supplier Site Assessment and Supplier Quality Audits.
  • A Professional Services team that provides formulation assistance and advanced technical support to compounding business partners
    • Basic Formula Database of over 1,000 formulas
    • General consulting on compounding market segments
    • Sterile compounding consultation
    • Clean room design
  • Most generous Next Day Air shipping policy in the industry
  • Partnership with a broad range of buying groups and group purchasing organizations that allow individual business owners to leverage better pricing
  • Collaboration with pharmacy education providers to deliver basic and advanced compounding training
    • Colleges of Pharmacy
    • American College of Apothecaries
  • Corporate sponsor of national pharmacy organizations that ensure our customers and their patients have access to the specialized compounded preparations they need.
    • International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists (IACP)
    • American College of Apothecaries (ACA)
    • National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA)
  • Letco Sales and Professional Services team members serve on Boards of Directors and committees of national pharmacy organizations.
    • IACP
    • IACP Foundation
    • ACA
    • NCPA

PMQ: Where is Letco Medical headed in the next twenty years?
JV: Letco Medical is continually developing and changing with our compounding customers and the landscape of the marketplace.  Letco Medical is committed to, and up to, the challenge of meeting these constantly evolving needs.  We are collaborating with IACP, ACA, NCPA and other industry organizations to provide the best products, services and support available.  In addition, Letco is actively partnering with buying groups and The Harvard Drug Group, our parent company and wholesaler, to bring preferred status and special affordable options to our customers.  Simply stated, Letco Medical seeks to elevate the practice of customized medicine as a recognized and valuable part of the U.S healthcare delivery system.